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Millers Midweek Missives

You may be wondering what this is. Well, since 2001 I have written something called "The Midweek Missive" that served to help me connect with the folks in my congregation during the week. It has been a mix of theological reflections, slice of life observations, things that have been running around my head and needed an outlet, nagging questions, and devotions for our shared faith journey. Sometimes, it's just about baseball! (But, I do pride myself on having a great capacity to view the great theological issues through the lens of baseball...I'm just sayin')


What will usually happen is that each Wednesday afternoon (or Thursday morning some weeks), I plan on sending out "The Midweek Missive" via email. If you or you know someone connected to the church who might like to receive this email, please let the church office know so we can make sure to include them on the distribution list.

You may also access the Missives via the Facebook page at:

Conversely, if you would rather not receive this email message each week, simply let the office know
and we will take care of that. Our office email is


My goal with the Midweek Missive is simply to find a way for me to reach out to you in the middle of a busy week. It was started quite by accident all those years ago, but has become a great way for me to give folks something to think about, something that might have a spark of inspiration, or something that might simply cause people to smile.   And it is a way we can use our technology to connect and be in community in a way that wasn't really available until recently. We will also include any special announcements or special prayer requests that might crop up from time to time.


Be peaceful, Rev. Brad Miller


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